Hey, it's Manuel.

Manuel Brandt


Since I’m a child, I’m building things. With 11 I built my first website, the years after I’ve started an internet radio, a course platform to learn playing guitar, and an online store for hip hop beats.

With 19, I joined a fast-growing startup from Germany, Beducated, as the first developer, and with 21 led their Product & Engineering departments for 2 years. At that time, I also founded my first serious startup — a non-profit crowdfunding platform without fees.

2020, I then founded BlogTec — a platform that provides companies with high-quality SEO & content services by matching their tasks with the best fitting freelance-professionals.


I was born and grew up in the north of Germany. After I made it through school, I worked for a year to save some money. Already as a child, I wanted to see the world, so with 19 I booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok to travel the world. Initially planned was 1 year, but after just 2 weeks I had the idea for the crowdfunding platform, and decided to work on it abroad.

Since then, I’m moving around the world, while I’m working on startups. I’ve lived on multiple continents, and travelled 35+ countries so far. My bases are Taiwan and Vietnam, plus I’m spending time every year in Germany, Estonia, and Finland to keep in touch with the outstanding startup scenes there.

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