Manuel Brandt

Book Notes: Nikola Tesla

These are quick notes on a short book called Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century.

This book starts with a summary of Tesla’s life and his big inventions. It ends with some short and interesting notes on how to be a genius like Tesla.

It takes curiosity, courage, and imagination.

Curiosity: Big inventions don’t just come up in the mind of someone. Usually, big inventors just connected the dots well. They read lots of books around a topic and connect the dots right to create a special idea. To be creative means to be curious and experience as much as possible, from traveling to reading books.

Courage: You will face many obstacles. You need to be able to fight through and don’t let yourself get dragged down by any of them.

Imagination: Only if someone dreams, thinks big, and believes what others don’t believe, he can create something truly innovative.

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