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Book Notes: $100M Leads

These are my notes on the book $100M Leads.

1. It’s important to understand that leads are the key of growing your business.Therefore focus on getting more leads. This sounds simple but it’s key to understand how important leads are. If you struggle with acquisition, focus on getting more leads.

“It’s hard to get poor with leads banging on your door!”

2. If you want to get more customers, there are four things:
A: More Leads
B: Better Leads
C: Cheaper Leads
D: Realiably (From Different Channels)

2. Understand your audience and the problem that you’re solving. Advertise them your core offer directly first, and if that doesn’t work, build and test different lead magnets that you advertise. Make the lead magnets provide value.

β€œPeople don’t have shorter attention spans, they have higher standards.”
“You want your lead magnet to create so much value, people feel obligated to pay you.”

3. You can create leads by the “Core Four”: Warm Outreach, Cold Outreach, Posting Free Content, and Paid Ads. Paid ads should be the last step. Use these channels to get leads.

“If you’re not getting enough leads, you’re not doing the Core Four enough or good enough.”

4. A/B test and improve your advertisement. This can 10x your results.

5. ✏️ Build a cold outreach engine. Once all leads are contacted, start again from the beginning and contact them again.

6. ✏️ Keep your leads warm by providing regular value, e.g. through social media or a newsletter.

7. When doing outreach, provide value as fast as possible.

8. To grow your business, you need to start adding “Lead Getters”, so other people that get you leads. These are mainly your employees, but can also be customers, affiliates, and agencies.

9. More. Better. New. If you want to get more leads you can:
A: Do more of what you’re doing now.
B: Do what you’re doing better.
C: Do it somewhere new.

10. What I found interesting was that Alex likes to use agencies in the beginning to coach him to learn a skill, e.g. Facebook ads, and then after a while does it himself/gives it to his team. This is a very smart and cost-effective way to use agencies.

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